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VP Holy Island Summer Camp Information
The Week
Camp has 8 dormitories, each with 8 beds. We try our best to keep friends and family members together and each of the dorms have helpers assigned to them. Every dorm helper plays a crucial role in ensuring each child has someone to turn to if needed and they can help the children look after their money, remind them to keep clean and be organised, make friends and also make sure any medical issues or specific requirements are dealt with. Each dorm will do some activities as a team (including keeping their dorm tidy) but the children will have the chance to mix with other children on lots of other activities including ‘Silly Sports’, a Treasure Hunt, Table Tennis and Football tournaments and the Friday night concert. Many children just love collecting shells or using crab lines at the beach or walking to see new parts of the island. Whether your child’s personality is outgoing or introvert, they will have activities to keep them fully occupied every day! Each night the dorms are quietened down with reflections on how they have found the day and a prayer led by the helpers.

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