Mini Vinnies

The Mini Vinnies have held their first meeting to discuss which charity they would like to fundraise for. They decided to fundraise for an anti bullying charity, so they researched different options, presented their ideas and voted to support the charity, 'Bullies Out'.
They also came up with ideas for fundraising. Their next step is to put their ideas into action!
The Mini Vinnies have chosen to support the charity 'Bullies Out' after researching lots of different anti-bullying charities. They have planned and managed a project to 'name the bear' to raise money.
The Mini Vinnies have been busy planning their campaign to raise money for 'Bullies Out'. They have ordered a teddy and come up with a list of names to choose. They've also created posters to display around school and presented their ideas to all of the different classes so that everyone knows about the event.
What an amazing result for the Mini Vinnies! £75 raised for 'Bullies Out.' A big thank you to everyone who took part in 'Name the Teddy' and congratulations to out friend in Year 1 who chose the correct name, 'Vienna'!

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