Admission into St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School

Applying for Reception places

Applying for Reception places

Reception 2024

Applications open: 1 September 2023

Applications close: 15 January 2024

National offer day: 16 April 2024

  • Check if you can apply and which address to use
  • Read the oversubscription criteria for the schools you are applying for
  • Use all 4 preferences
  • Put the schools in the order you want them; preference 1 is the school you want most
  • Watch the video below


  1. Important information about Reception 2024
  2. Legal information - School Admissions

Making the right choice

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In-year school admissions

In-year school admissions


If you’re moving into Newcastle, moving house, or have another reason for wanting to change your child’s school, the information on this page will help. 

Please note if you are sponsoring a Ukrainian family please email us directly rather than complete a form: 

Moving from one Newcastle school to another

If your child is currently attending a Newcastle school, ask your child's school for an application form . You cannot make an application using the Citizen's Portal. The Head Teacher has to complete part of the form before we can accept it.

Changing your child’s school can affect them in many ways and the decision should not be taken without careful thought. The local authority firmly believes that continuity and stability in a child’s education is very important and that a change of school should only be made if it is felt to be in your child’s best interests. Many things that worry parents and children can be sorted out without the need to move school.

Often changing school will not resolve your concerns and it can adversely affect your child’s education. There are many difficulties that can arise within a school. Your child may be feeling unhappy or is not getting on with friends or teachers at that moment. Maybe your child is struggling with their work or has been in trouble and you feel that it cannot be sorted out. All of the above issues can happen to any pupil at any stage in their school life and can often be resolved without changing your child’s school.

Please note that if your child currently attends a Newcastle school and you are looking to move to another Newcastle school during the holiday period, we cannot progress your application unless you have already had the school section of the form completed. We will return the form to you if incomplete.

Not currently in a Newcastle school

All applications for school places must be made to Newcastle City Council. Please be aware that new application forms received during the Summer holidays will not be processed until September. This is because the schools are closed and it is the Governing Body of each school that decides how places are allocated. Newcastle City Council will prepare all the applications for schools during this period but you will not hear the outcome of your application until the schools return in September. It is likely to be the second or third week of term before the school contacts you.

If your child needs a school place in Newcastle because they don't have one, you can apply online. If you/your child has medical needs or your child is previously looked after, use the evidence checklist to ensure you send the right documents to us.

Apply online


Evidence checklist 


Which schools have places available?

This information is only meant for use a guide for making an application. We process large quantities of applications so places shown might have been filled by the time you make an application.

School vacancy information


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