Spring 2024

Year 6 loved starting the term by finishing their fairground rides from their last DT topic! Super work, year 6!
In PE, Year 6 have been working hard to create their own street dance routines, and have had the opportunity to perform to other groups! 
In our current RHE topic, we are looking at 'Body Image'. In this lesson, we looked at how the pressure we face, from the media, can affect how people feel about themselves. We engaged in different scenarios and discussion questions. 
In Science, year 6 are working extremely hard in their topic Evolution! We have worked collaboratively to identify adaptations of predators and prey and how these are needed for survival. We also explored different populations and discussed our findings. Super work, Year 6!
Year 6 have been working hard in their Data Collection unit in Computing. We have looked at different ways we can record data and have been using Excel to learn how to use some tricky formulas (MIN, SUM and SUBTOTAL), to perform a range of calculations electronically! 
We have also carried out activities for Internet Safety Day, linking to our RHE topic. We have engaged in different scenarios and explored how they can influence us positively or negatively.
We have used concrete maths to identify volume of 3D shapes!
After finishing Holes, we carried out a response to reading session and created an entry into our class reading scrap book! We can't wait to read our next poetry style book 'The Way of Dog'. 
Year 6 have enjoyed coming to school today in their own clothes and with a toy to celebrate their full cube jar!

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