Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


At St Cuthbert’s the learning of a foreign language provides a cultural experience for our pupils and allows them to deepen their understanding of the world. The children learn to understand others and have a greater acceptance of the world we live in and its cultural diversity.

The linguistic skills learnt lay foundations for further language learning so that they may become confident and able linguists who are equipped to broaden their skills and their understanding of the world.


Lessons across Key Stage 2 support the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. They develop an appreciation of a variety of stories, raps and songs and rhymes in French that are delivered through the curriculum content. A lesson in intercultural understanding is planned into the curriculum where children learn about different regions of the country, customs and practices.

Varied learning experiences each year include celebration and appreciation days, which provide an additional context for language learning and developing the children’s understanding of different cultures.


The children are assessed informally at the end of each term so the teacher can assess the children’s understanding of the term’s work. The children are also interviewed in the Summer term to ask their opinions about their language learning. It is important that they should enjoy their language experience. The impact of language learning is also judged in class by the children’s improved confidence in speaking, a willingness to participate and contribute in lessons and a positive attitude towards language learning.

Progression of Skills

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