Spring 2024

This week Nursery hopped and leaped into Easter. On Wednesday we had a fantastic celebration with our Reception friends. We showed of our dance moves, played fun games and enjoyed an egg-cellent Easter egg hunt. We enjoyed making and eating delicious chocolate nests. 

We leaped into the topic of ‘Spring’ this week. We created chick pictures and explored our artistic talents by drawing beautiful daffodils.
We have had some special fluffy and furry visitors come to see us in Nursery. We were very gentle when holding and stroking the mice, chicken, rabbit, and owl. We then had to be brave when we handled the slippery snake, bearded dragon, and prickly hedgehog. It was an amazing experience! We learned so much about where the animals live and what they eat
Nursery got messy when we continued our Farm Topic. We had so much fun shearing our sheep and were so excited to milk Daisy the cow.  We made our own small world farm with cereals and other materials and used the animals to tip toe over are paper to make paint footprints.
Nursery have had so much fun learning about farms and farm animals. We have created our very own farm role play area where we can look after the animals, dress up and even ride the tractor. We got very dirty cleaning are mini muddy pigs and explored a small world farm tuff tray. The children experimented making animal food in the mud kitchen outside.
This week Nursery continued their journey through the magical world of ‘Traditional Tales’. We put on our Detective hats and looked for clues to see who had made a big mess in the Three Bears House. We looked at the clues and worked out it was ‘Goldilocks’. The Nursery CCTV confirmed it, we caught her red-handed sneaking around Nursery making a mess.
Nursery have immersed themselves in the wonderful world of ‘Traditional Tales’. We ‘Huffed and Puffed’ while we retold the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs. Made repeated patterns using the objects from the story. Made some delicious gingerbread men, that, thank goodness, did not run away!
What an amazing week nursery have had Celebrating Chinese New Year. We had so much fun playing in the Chinese Restaurant we created. We loved dragon dancing and playing the musical instruments in the Rainbow Garden to beat of the Chinese music. We treated our taste buds to some delicious Chinese food. We decorated lucky red envelopes and even got to take a special Chinese coin and fortune cookie home.
Nursery are really enjoying taking part in PE balancing, jumping and climbing on the different apparatus.
Last week, we explored the topic of ‘Winter’ in Nursery. We researched all about different kind of artic animals and had fun playing with them in water and ice. We learned how to make ice and experimented with different ways to melt it. We loved playing in the winter wonderland role play area..
We have had a fab first week back. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet our new friends who have joined our Nursery family.

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