Summer 2024

The Reception Class loved making big 3D castle models in groups.  We painted the boxes first then added the features of a castle such as windows, arrow slits, drawbridge, flags and battlements. 
Reception class had a great time when we visited Newcastle Castle.  A princess showed us around. We learnt about parts of the castle and went down to the dungeon.  Mr Bright and Mrs Gregson had broken the law and had to go in the pillory! Luckily they didn't have to stay there for long! One group of us had pretend battles with fabric shields and swords whereas the other group had a pretend banquet with jesters and a king and queen.  We all walked up over 100 steps on the spiral staircase to get to the castle roof where we saw fantastic views over Newcastle City Centre.  We could see the Tyne Bridge, the Millenium Bridge, the Sage, the Cathedrals and the trainlines. 
Reception class have been enjoying reading stories, playing with the small world castle & drawing pictures of castles which is our new topic. We are helping to create a big castle outside in the Butterfly Garden.  We can't wait to go into Newcastle next week and see a real castle. 
The Reception children loved playing games when their parents came into the classroom as part of our Parent Maths Workshop.
Last week, we went for a walk in our local area of Kenton.  We drew a map of the places we had seen.  We looked at photographs of Kenton taken now and in the past.  We talked about how they were different and sorted them into two sets of 'then' and 'now'.
We've loved getting dressed up as part of our topic, 'People Who Help Us'.  We dressed up in police uniform when our Community Police Officer, Shaun Bisset, came to visit us.  On Thursday we could choose who we wanted to be.  We all looked fantastic.
We have had a very busy week meeting ‘People Who Help Us’. We loved seeing the firefighters and learnt about the equipment they carry on the fire-engine. We enjoyed climbing onto the fire-engine and loved spraying the water to put out the pretend fire.  We had fun when the medical students came into school to deliver the ‘Teddy Bears’ Hospital’ workshop.  We learnt about ways we can keep healthy and how doctors will look after us if we are feeling poorly.  Our teddies were feeling unwell and it was our job to make them feel better. We were great doctors and nurses.
We've enjoyed coming back to school and seeing all of our Reception friends. We have found it really interesting to learn about the Muslim Faith.

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