Adaptive Teaching and Learning Statement

Adaptive Teaching and Learning at St Cuthbert’s   

Adaptive teaching and learning at St Cuthbert’s enables all pupils to reach their full learning potential.  

Key elements:  

  • A ‘child centred’ approach to all teaching and learning experiences  
  • Excellent knowledge of the pupil’s abilities and their starting points   
  • A well-resourced and well organised environment  
  • Excellent subject knowledge of teaching staff across all subject areas and a deep understanding of where strong connections can be made across and between different subjects to make learning experiences meaningful  
  • A strong understanding from teachers of what constitutes deep learning and mastery in subjects   
  • Range of teaching and learning strategies utilised to engage learners  
  • Teaching and learning objectives and outcomes pitched at the more able pupils raising expectations and aspirations for all   
  • Delivering the same curriculum to all pupils with the long term aim of closing the achievement gap between pupils  
  • Teaching and learning based around a variety of high quality tasks and activities, some which are tiered to provide layers of complexity and challenge  
  • Range of sophisticated scaffolds, including the deployment of other adults, to allow all pupils access to a range of challenging tasks  
  • Different elements of choice for pupils and their learning built into teaching   
  • Effective and targeted questioning providing a wide range of higher-order thinking challenges  
  • A flexible and sophisticated approach to pairs and groupings of pupils and pupils who are experienced in collaborative working  
  • Assessment for learning strategies (sharing of learning objectives, Little Big Pictures, checklists to success, peer and self-assessment, marking and feedback including next steps for learning)  

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