Autumn 2023

We've loved our first PE Circuts session this week, working with Mr Dodds to build our fitness. We also enjoyed dressing up to launch our new class (and school!) novel- Oliver Twist. 
We even got to watch a live performance of Oliver too!
It's been raining place value counters in Year 5! We had to find the correct value counters to make given numbers in their millions! 
To celebrate national sports week, St Cuthbert's have launched their Daily Mile. It's an excellent way to start our day and boost our energy too!
We've also been working hard on our layering skills in our new Vector Drawings topic in Computing.
We love Active Life on a Friday with Miss Thompson. It's great to build our teamwork and problem solving skills. 
We've continued building on our layering skills in our Computing, Vector Drawings topic and we began learning essential new skills, like cut, copy paste and grouping. 
We also enjoyed our weekly library slot, with many of us preferring to reading the previous Class of Year 6 albums to see if we recognise any old friends or family members!
Geography Map Skills
Year 5 have loved developing their map skills and knowledge to locate the world's climate zones this week. We also used our skills when researching our local area and comparing maps from the 1800's all the way up to the digital maps of present day!
Local History
Year 5 had a fantastic time exploring the Geography and History of the Town Moor. We used maps to locate where key historical events may have happened, including the Newcastle Witch Trials and a Smallpox hospital. We also discussed the uses for Dukes Moor and sketched the changes to Exhibition Park.
We have loved learning about key figures in British Black history this week. 
We've been working really hard to develop our control of the ball this week in PE.
We loved exploring different textures in Art!
Year 5 had a great time doing Bikeability Level 2 and a Dance taster session this week!
In Science, we have been investigating gravity. We practised measuring accurately, recoding and presenting data!
We've been working scientifically again this week, this time investigating Air Resistance.

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