Spring 2024

Reception and Nursery loved making Easter crafts with our families. 
The Reception class loved going on the coach to 'The Rising Sun Country Park'. We went on a minibeast hunt, made clay minibeast models ate our packed lunch then went on the castle play area before returning to school.  We'd had such a busy day so it was hard to keep our eyes open on the journey home!
We loved reading the story of 'Superworm' this week and thought he was a great superhero!  Then we went on a minibeast hunt and found woodlice, worms, snails, slugs, ants and a millipede.
As part of Science STEAM week, we made jelly in different moulds.  Some jelly moulds had fruit in it.  We predicted which jelly set the quickest and timed them.  We couldn't believe it when the jelly containing pineapple never set and stayed as a liquid.  The best part of our experiment was of course eating the jelly!
We loved coming into school wearing our pyjamas when we had a full cube jar. Luckily we didn't fall asleep!
Reception class enjoyed coming to school dressed in red and yellow clothes to celebrate Chinese New Year with our Nursery friends. We acted out the Chinese Zodiac story of the animal race and danced to Chinese music.  We made our own concertina dancing dragons.
We listened to the story of Elmer and painted our own Elmer the elephant using the watercolour paints. We used the counting elephants to add numbers together and to create our own patterns.
We've enjoyed learning all about space.  We've learnt the names of planets and facts about these planets.  We've loved building rockets, singing space songs, painting planets & acting out space stories in our Space Station outside. 
We loved it when our parents came into school to play Phonics games with us.
We enjoyed our trip to Tesco Extra at Kingston Park.  Mrs Gregson drove us there are on the minibus.  Karen showed us around in the warehouses, shop and bakery.  We even got to walk into the big freezers and fridges but didn’t stay for long as it was too cold. The bakery smelt lovely.  Karen told us the bakers start work at 4am!
 We visited St Cuthbert's Church to look at where religious celebrations take place. We looked at some of the key features that you find in church such as the altar, crucifixes, baptismal font, lectern and stained glass window.
The Reception class loved coming back to school to play with their friends and share all their news from the Christmas holidays. 
We loved sharing the story of Palm Sunday with our family and friends in the Reception class assembly..
Reception loved coming to school dressed in yellow and white for our Easter Celebration day with Nursery.  We enjoyed dancing, playing party games, going on an Easter Egg Hunt and painting Easter pictures. 

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