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St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School Mission Statement:

God made us all unique to learn, live and grow.

To show care, concern and friendship.

To be the best we can, showing Christ’s love in all we do.


Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Offer

St Cuthbert’s is a very happy and welcoming place, where the needs of all of our children are central to our educational philosophy. As a Catholic school, we aim to develop the social, cultural, intellectual, aesthetic, physical, moral and spiritual attributes of each and every child in our care. The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of our Catholic school and forms an integral part of the education we offer which enables all pupils to develop their talents to their full potential as a unique person made in God’s image.

This document gives families information about the variety of ways we ensure we support our children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to achieve their potential. We provide a full range of educational and pastoral support to all our children. The information here is general; each child is an individual and will receive unique provision and resources where necessary.

‘Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make good progress in line with other pupils. Support is skilled and focused upon their specific needs through individually tailored learning activities and small-group work'. (Ofsted 2014)

If you would like further information please contact our SENCO, Lindsey Roberts, on 0191 2860129.

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