Spring 2024

Routes into Reading
This week we have started the 'Routes into Reading' part of our phonics programme. We have enjoyed reading this week's story together and learning the ropes!
We have been learning how to recognise fractions of shapes and quantities this week. 
Visit from Deacon John
As part of our RE unit of work on Books, we had a visit from our friend, Deacon John Hawthorne, who showed us some of the books that he uses in his job and answered a wide range of our brilliant questions!
Buoyancy Investigation
We investigated the buoyancy of different materials. We placed the object on the surface of the water, observed it for one minute and recorded the buoyancy.
Measuring Length
We have been learning to measure length using 30cm and metre rulers. Here are some pictures of us practicing our measuring skills in the classroom.
Valentine's Disco
Fun and games at our Valentine's Disco!
D&T - Boats

Following from the conclusions we drew in our Science investigation into buoyancy, we designed and built boats using the materials that we found would help us meet the following criteria:
1) The vessel must be no more than 15cm in length
2) The vessel must float unaided for 2 minutes
3) The vessel must hold 5 cubes for the full 2 minutes

We had great fun designing, building, testing and evaluating our boats!
Year 2 tried their hand at Curling today. We learned all about the sport and practiced our aiming skills before having a competition. At the end, we even had a go at putting a 'curl' to our shooting by applying spin.
Still Life
After studying a variety of still life artists, we had a go at our own art work. We used watercolours, oil pastels, charcoals and art pencils to create our artworks. 
Growing Plants
In Science, we are learning what plants need to grow. To do this we designed an investigation to deprive seeds of different elements. Some were planted without soil, some will not be given water, some will have no light and others will be kept at the wrong temperature. Let's see how they all grow!
Our wonderful school nurse led the 'PANTS' session with the children today.

The aim of the session is to teach our pupils the following important safety skills without giving explicit information or telling scary stories. The school nursing team will be teaching our pupils the NSPCC’s Underwear Rule, using the ‘PANTS’ acrostic, which is like a green cross code for staying safe from sexual abuse.

 PANTS stands for:

 · Privates are private

  • Always remember your body belongs to you
  • No means no
  • Talk about secrets that upset you
  • Speak up, someone can help
 We also sang along with Pantosaurus!

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