Autumn 2023

Y4 thoroughly enjoyed the Oliver Twist production! The only issue was...'please, sir, I want some wanted more!'
Madame Dryden's French lessons are super! We speak a lot of French and find out about their culture.
Map work in Geography was fun! We investigated the position of the mountains of England, Scotland and Wales.
Y4 Wednesday library afternoons are the best! Kick back and relax with a good book - reading for pleasure!
In RSE, we discussed what was important to keep us healthy. We really know our stuff! Hopefully, more of Y4 will be eating their vegetables after this!
In Science, we have looked into states of matter. We have moved like the particles in solids, liquids and gases. We have also completed an experiment with boiling water and used balloons! 
Our Y4 pet, Lily the tortoise, has been well looked after. She is making new friends in Y4. 
In English, we have looked at lots of examples of setting descriptions and diary entries. We have planned and written our own. These are based around Oliver Twist and the cruel Victorian workhouses.
Year 4 having been learning hockey skills with wooden sticks. We have discussed health and safety around using these sticks. This week, we put our skills into practice competing in small sided games. We had great fun and there were a few good goals scored.
Year 4 completed a presentation on dyslexia for Dyslexia Awareness Week. We underlined our beliefs, that everyone is unique and different...and that is ok! We created a class art to show our unique fingerprints.
Y4 had a superb time coming into school all dressed up! Some gruesome outfits! We've had a super day and the disco was ghoultastic!
Mindfulness week in Y4 began with breathing techniques suitable for a variety of situations and emotions. We enjoyed the snake technique...hisssssss!
Y4 enjoyed a visit from new friends from Newcastle University's dentistry course. They read stories, showed us how much sugar was in our food and drinks, let us clean teeth, dress up and more! We had a really fun time. 
Y4 had an interactive science lesson. We were looking at circuits. We drew circuits out and tried to predict if they would work and a bulb would light up. We discovered what a complete and incomplete circuit looked like. 
Year 4 had an epic trip to the Discovery Museum, this week. We investigated electrical circuits. We experimented on ourselves, passing a current through our bodies into a cell that lit up. We even included a spoon, cucumber, a cork and water to see what would act as a conductor. The, we made our own circuits and DIY torches. Great fun! The class were a credit to our school and their families. Thanks to Fran for hosting. 
Year 4 enjoyed a Zoom presentation with different organisations regarding the Romans and our locality. The team of experts was organised through the Discovery Museum. They discussed Roman life, Latin inscriptions, food, historical sites in the North, dark skies and more. The children listened intently, discussed questions posed and wrote notes on what they discovered. Thanks to Morgan from the museum for organising. 
Y4 enjoyed the Reading Cafe this week. We discussed delivery of reading at home and at school. We impressed our parents and carers with our extended knowledge of English features and even enjoyed a sneaky biscuit too! Thank you to all who gave up their time to come to our morning celebrating reading. 
Y4's Christmas week in the blink of an eye. Have a lovely Christmas from all the staff. 

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