Spring 2024

Year 4 enjoyed a research trip to the library linked to poetry. We read a range of poems including, narrative, rhyming and nonsense poems. We discussed what we found and what we liked. This is the beginning of a poetry unit liked to nature.
Y4 enjoyed an active English session linked to GPS and poetry. We wrote similes and metaphors relating to an animal or an aspect of nature. To support our writing and edit it, we acted these sentences out. This also supported our imagery and helped us understand what our audience might think.
Our friends from North East Gymnastics Club came in to deliver our PE session based on gymnastics. We are following the Key Steps curriculum. We had great fun and look forward to the rest of the term.
In music, we played the ukulele. It was so much fun! We played fun games, as well as listening to music and learning new cords and finger placement. 
In science this week, Y4 completed an active lesson linked to habitats and adaptations of animals that live in there. We started with 'spot the difference' to help us recognise similarities and differences. We also had three different foxes. We saw that the foxes had adapted to their surroundings and looked very different! After this, our groups performed a relay in the hall. We collected pictures and information cards. We had to pair them up and then place them in the correct environment. After much debate, we recorded how the adaptations would be important to the animal and why they may have occurred. Phew! What a super lesson!
Y4 had a great week! We planned our Celebration of the Word to end the Come and See unit in RE. We planned our own celebration in partners. In DT, we are looking to design and make a lamp from recycled materials - any donations would be gladly received. We revised our circuit work from our science topic.
Y4 took a trip to the Hancock - what fabulous representatives of our families and school! We learnt all about living things and their adaptations in the morning. Lots of guided discovery and partner work - we were like animal detectives. In the afternoon, we shifted our focus to History and learnt a little more about the Ancient Greeks!
The whole school took part in the ESFA School Football Week. Every child participated in a Keepy-up challenge. It was amazing!  From Reception to Y6, the children learnt new skills and succeeded in doing some keepy-ups with a whole host of balls used (even balloons)! I hope everyone enjoyed their day!
Miss Martin led a fantastic design and technology element this term. It was based around electronics. Y4 had to design and build a lamp made out of recycled materials. We discussed many elements, including the aesthetics of the lamp. The children were amazing and worked without argument in a team. So proud of their products and conduct. 
Y4 LOVED the Valentine's Day disco celebration!
Y4 had a super trip out to Sacred Heart High School. We took part in four workshops linked to computing. It was so much fun! We looked at coding, character design, Scratch and challenges linked to hackers and decoding. We learned so much! Special thanks to the staff at the high school who made are day so memorable and fun.
Miss Dembry has been working with Y4 on computing and in particular data logging. It has been interesting to see how we can use technology to collate and review data.
Y4 enjoyed creating clay tiles with a relief in our art sessions. The unit has been inspired by Nancy McCroskey's ceramic art in particular. There are some super results - now we need to be patient and let them dry!
Y4 families were invited into school to participate in a maths lesson. There were several elements to the lesson and our family members experienced abstract maths, practical real-life maths and mastery maths. Phew! What a lesson and a huge thank you to all who attended. A very important visitor was in school on the morning and commented how amazing this initiative was!

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