Autumn 2023

We have had great fun in our first few weeks of Nursery. We have explored the Rainbow Garden and had lots of fun playing with the new toys and making new friends. 
Nursery have loved learning how to look after our very own pet tortoise, 'Sheldon'. We talked about how to handle him safely and how to care for him. We take turns to prepare his food and feed him and even give her his weekly bath.
Nursery have enjoyed the topic of ‘Myself’. They have painted pictures of their faces and enjoyed exploring the home area and mud kitchen. The children also, drew around their friends in the Rainbow Garden using chalks.
Nursery have been exploring the world around them using our Five Senses. We have listened to some mysterious sounds, played eye spy and used our hands and feet to feel different textures. We used our noses to smell some delicious chocolate and some very stinky cheese. We finished this week by tasting some salty crisps and some very bitter lemon.
Nursery have loved the topic of Autumn. We have visited our ‘Forest School’ searching high and low for lots of different Autumn objects. We even found our very own Conker tree and still made time for the story ‘Were going on a leaf hunt’.  We used the leaves we found to make our own leaf people.
This week Nursery loved exploring the school Library. The children immersed themselves in magical stories. The children selected their own book and curled up on a comfy seat to enjoy their story.
This Week in Nursery, We have tapped golf tees into real pumpkins and scooped out all the pumpkin’s flesh and seeds. We loved making yummy ghost biscuits which we enjoyed when watching ‘Room on the Broom’.  When we wore our spooky clothes for Nursery we played party games and danced to spooky music.
Nursery have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We found out that people wear red poppies to remind them of the brave soldiers who fought in the war. We talked about how the purple poppy is worn to remember all the animals who were in the war.  We made some giant poppies and created our own handprint poppy to take home.  We celebrated the soldiers and animals in our liturgy and observed the two minute silence at 11 o'clock
We have had a colourful week in Nursery talking about the fireworks we’ve seen. We flicked paint onto large paper to create a firework filled night sky.  We made and ate some delicious edible sparklers. Recreated firework pictures with glue and glitter and even made our very own exploding rocket which we launched in the Rainbow Garden.
Ahoy, Me Hearties! We have had a swashbuckling adventure in Nursery this week. We sailed the seven seas on our own Nursery Pirate ship and we found a treasure chest full of gold coins. The Treasure chest was then stolen. We watched our Nursery CCTV which showed Captain Redbeard sneaking off with the treasure. After making wanted posters and traps, Captain Redbeard sent us a map to follow to get the treasure back.
Ahoy, Me Hearties! In Nursery this week we dressed up for our ‘Pirate Celebration Day’. We danced a jig in the hall and played pirate party games. This made us so hungry and ready for our hearty pirate grub of cannon balls, Black pearl Cakes and some delicious pirate punch. We were so good at our dancing that we were given a chocolate coin from captain Redbeard himself!
The Nursery staff were very proud of the children when they presented the ‘Christmas Sing Song.’ The children performed beautifully and loved sharing with their families, songs that told the story of when Baby Jesus was born. 
The Nursery children put on their fancy clothes and dancing shoes for our Christmas party.  We boogied in the hall to Christmas music, played party games, ate delicious party food and even had a very special visit from Santa.  What an exciting day! 

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