Spring 2024

We have been finding out all about the Last Supper and how we celebrate it every time we go to mass. We took turns to break the bread and share it with our friends. We've also been thinking about healthy eating and how this relates to the plants around us. We planned and made healthy Chinese style snacks, using Chinese Five Spice, soy sauce and prawn crackers along with lots of vegetables.
This week we have been continuing our exciting topic of plants. We planted cress on Friday and by Tuesday we were able to observe how much it had grown! We carefully sketched what we could see and identified the leaves, stem and roots.
We've also been finding out about capacity and had lots of fun with the water outside, investigating which container holds the most! 
We loved the keepy up challenge with Mr Dodds, showcasing our excellent football skills.
We have been investigating length, using cubes to measure the length of different items. We ordered them by length then estimated how many cubes each item would measure. We are getting much more accurate with our estimations! We also estimated how much each item would weigh and tested the idea that the longest things are always the heaviest...we found out that this wasn't always true. We loved measuring the big yard to find out how long a fence would need to be to stretch across the playground. 
We've also loved starting our plants topic in science. We hunted for things which grow outside and found out the functions of each part of a plant. It was so much fun using a root (a carrot) to print a Chinese blossom picture by mixing colours together.
Year 1 enjoyed a special visit from Deacon John as part of our RE topic 'Special People'. Deacon John showed us the special clothes he wears and explains how he helps the priest at church. He read us a fantastic story from the Bible to remind that God loves us all.
We've been investigating materials this week so that we could make our very own shadow puppet theatres! we started by investigating how to make shadows different lengths by using a torch to draw a toy shadow picture. We moved on to testing materials to see if they were opaque, transparent or translucent so that we could decide what to make our theatres out of. It was so much fun using them to tell the story of Chinese New Year!
We used the little clocks to make O'clock and half past times and draw the hands on the clock templates. What a busy week!
This week, we thought about cultural diversity and found out how lucky we are be such a diverse country, with lots of different customs from around the world.
We have been thinking about time and money this week! We pretended to visit the shop and used our knowledge of addition and subtraction to work out how much our items cost and how much change we would get from 20p. We thought of lots of words about time, sequenced events and learned fantastic songs about the days of the week, months of the year and seasons! We've also had a very energetic time in PE taking part in team games.
It's been a busy week back at school starting our new topic of China. We've listened to and retold the story of Mulan using lots of actions and different voices. We found out that Mulan wasn't allowed to join the army because she was a girl so we thought about how we view girls and boys. We sorted pictures of toys into different categories - toys for girls, toys for boys and toys for everyone. To begin with, lots of people sorted the pink toys for girls and the blue toys for boys. We talked about the fact that this is just a convention and there are no rules to say who should play with which toys. We play with toys because we are interested in them. We looked at photos of adults doing different jobs and saw that men and women can both do exactly the same jobs. When we re-sorted the toys, most of them ended up in the middle!
We started to investigate materials and talk about which ones are rigid and flexible, reflective and dull. It was so much making up actions to match each word and going on a materials hunt with our friends!
We have been learning all about the different coins we use when we are spending money and working out which coins we could use to pay for different items.

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