Wraparound Provision

6th February 2023


Dear Parent/Carer,


Wraparound Provision


We have recently been reviewing our policy and practice for our ‘Wraparound Provision’. This is for our drop in ‘Breakfast Club’ and booking service for ‘After School Club’.


Whilst reviewing this provision, we would like to remind you that ‘Breakfast Club’ is open from 8.00am each morning during term time. This provision requires an adult to ‘sign in’ their child/children. If your child is in Year 5/6 and accesses ‘Breakfast Club’ but an adult is unable to sign them in, please could you contact the office to update your current circumstances on 0191 2860129.


In addition, many pupils in Years 5 and 6 begin to develop their independence and walk home unaccompanied by an adult after school. Please could you confirm if your child walks home and if so, on which days. Whilst many families may have clarified this with their class teacher, we ask you to confirm this with the school office so that we can update all of our records. Please contact the office on 0191 2860129 or office@stcuthbertsk.org. If you confirm by email, please include your child’s name, year group and which days they are leaving school independently.


For more information about St Cuthbert’s provision, please visit our school website.




If you would like to discuss our Wraparound Provision further, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Anne Bullerwell


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