Summer 2023

We've been on a amazing journey we have been on together this year! We've had so much fun, enjoyed wonderful friendships and learned so much! Well done, Year 1! Have an amazing Summer and we'll see you in September!
It's been a very exciting week in Year 1! We loved meeting the firefighters and having a go at being a real life fire fighter, along with our friends from Year 2. We also celebrated our full cube jar by making hats and clothes for our teddies then eating chocolate biscuits and watching a film! We've been working hard in maths on our problem solving skills related to different operations and practicing our place value skills to get us ready for Year 2.
We have loved sharing information about shells and finding out answers to our questions! We discovered that molluscs make shells and they are part of their bodies! We sketched lots of different shells.
To continue our history topic, we made our very own peg dolls, just like poor children in Victorian times would have done! We used wooden pegs and scraps of fabric.
We have also been recapping on our division skills, using practical objects to share amounts into equal sized groups.
We started our new RE topic of 'Neighbours' and found out about the lives of different children, all over the world!
This week we have been creating texture in our Art lessons. Following our trip to the beach, we created amazing sea monster pictures covering them with scrunched up tissue and card to create barnacles and seaweed! We embellished them with felt tips to create a mixed media piece.
We have also been finding out about money this week, learning how people earn money, why it's important to save it and how grown ups decide what to spend money on. It was fantastic discussing wants and needs with our partners and explaining our points of view.
Year 1 were amazing marine biologists and geographers on our class trip to the coast. We saw the different features of the coastline and found lots of weird and wonderful creatures in the rockpools! We also climbed the steps to the very top of the lighthouse and looked right out across the sea. We used fantastic teamwork to create sand art and asked the lighthouse keeper lots of interesting questions. We've created lovely memories together.
We loved our 'St Cuthbert's Book Day' activities, dressing up, singing songs, describing characters and creating props to tell stories.
In maths this week, we have been learning how to use bar models to find the missing number in an addition calculation by using practical resources. We also led our very first class mass! Fantastic!
We have had a reading-tastic week in Year 1, enjoying the Reading Cafe with our grown ups and reading instructions to make a mystery craft! We've also enjoyed investigating shapes, sorting them based on their properties, describing them to a friend and even drawing the different faces to create our own nets! Fantastic!
We loved making and testing our lighthouses! Those prototypes really helped us to make a fantastic final product.
In maths we have been problem solving using the scales. Gracie's kitten said, "I think that big things are always heavier than small things." so we tested his theory and found out that he had made a mistake!
This week, we have been creating prototypes of strong, stable lighthouses. We had to work out how to make a tall cylinder very stable. We shared our ideas and changed our processes to make them really effective. Our prototypes will really help us when we plan the real thing!
We've been investigating number bonds in maths and taking part in lots of practical activities. We've also learned about the events of Pentecost and created some Pentecost art, using our colour mixing skills to create a flame. 
We shared a lovely liturgy in the Chapel where we gave thanks for our local area and all of the people we love.
It's been a very busy week for the Year 1 geographers! We've been learning about the features of the coastline and creating aerial views of the coast line near us. We've labelled the physical features and found some difference between the north east coast and the south coast.
We've been thinking about directions in Maths, guiding each other around the rocks and describing the different turns a boat needed to make to rescue a sailor in the sea.
In English we've been word detectives, finding verbs and investigating different sentence starters. Well done, everyone! What a lot of hard work!
It's been a lovely, sunny start to the Summer term and we've already been so busy investigating our new topic, Grace Darling. We've been reading lots of different lighthouse stories to help us to prepare for writing our own narrative and we loved acting out the events of Grace Darling's brave rescue! We've made lots of props for the role play area and enjoyed a story in our Forest School.
In maths, we've been focusing on position and direction. We read and followed instructions including positional language to create a mystery craft... can you guess what it is? We also practice turning clockwise and anti clockwise and making whole, half and quarter turns. We are making our own position finders to help us with our activities next week!

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