Summer 2023

Y4 enjoyed a super tennis session in the sun. We focussed on hand-eye coordination and the forehand stroke. The children progressed quickly trough the skill games and were able to make forehand shots over a net.
Y4 completed circuits and tried to light up bulbs and buzzers. We realised we needed complete circuits and a power source. 
Y4 were discovering time. We played an interactive game and used analogue clocks to support our learning.
In science, Y4 have been conducting experiments with circuits. We have been testing products and objects for their conductivity. It was super when the bulbs lit up!
Y4 enjoyed a trip to SafetyWorks to talk about staying safe in the summer months. The children participated in a variety of interactive sessions linked to approaching dogs, fire hazards, water safety and crossing roads safely. The children were very well behaved, answering and asking many questions. 

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