Summer 2022

Year 5 have had an exciting first week back at school that included a workshop with Beamish Museum to introduce them to the 'Crank it Up' competition and a visit to see the newly hatched chicks!
Year 5 are enjoying getting stuck into the 'Crank It Up' activities and have worked hard starting to build cranes. They have also enjoyed taking part in a conscience alley in RE and creating quizzes for each other in computing using Scratch to code the quiz.
Year 5 are loving their history topic, The Anglo Saxons. This week they took part in a Now Press Play session where they were young Anglo Saxons sent into exile and they have also played the role of archaeologists trying to work out clues from the burial site discovered at Sutton Hoo.
Year 5 have continued working on their crane designs this week and have started to think about the final design. They also enjoyed the 'Snake Pit' activity with Miss Thompson which required much resilience!
The girls in Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Westfield School where they took part in a range of exciting STEM activities. It was a great day!
Year 5 enjoyed a special Jubilee disco in school.
The first French session of this half term was a very active one for Year 5! They practised their number skills whilst dancing to the song, 'Staying Alive'!

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