Summer 2022

Emotions and Feelings
Year 2 have explored their feelings and emotions and how these can affect their bodies and their ability to think clearly. They examined the physical impact of emotions and how to recognise these feelings and how to manage them. The children designed their footsteps to forgiveness to show what they could do if they had upset someone or hurt their feelings. 
Come and See - RE
The children have been exploring their understanding about RULES. Together they discussed, asked and answered questions about rules in their home, their school, their community and the wider world.  They listed to the Bible story when Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive those who hurt him and made links with their lives today. The children examined their conscience and said sorry to God for the things that they have found difficult and for times when they had broken rules in their lives. 
Art & Design
The children made their printing stamp using ink, foam and a roller to represent 'the Lady of the Lamp'. The children drew on a piece of foam, the shape of the lantern with a top, bottom and crinkled centre. they stuck this onto another piece of foam and then used the printing roller covered in ink to cover the raised image. They then pressed, rubbed and printed a repeating pattern onto their card. 
Year 2 have worked so hard with Mrs Gregson to identify who ate the cake using emails. They read, discussed and clarified meaning from the email received and used the clues to work out which member of staff had eaten the cake!
The children have watched and learned how chicks emerge from eggs. Today they got to hold their feathered friends and identify how to stay safe and to keep their little friends safe too. The children knew they must wash their hands after holding the chicks because they often leave their chick waste on their hands and they could spread germs. They also discovered that they can't use hand gel to clean their hands before holding the chicks incase that harmed them. 

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