Spring 2023

Year 5 have had a great start to the New Year combining our Science, Maths and Computing knowledge to create our own Flat-Databases and explore how they can make sorting information quick and efficient!
Year 5 celebrated online safety week by discussing how to stay safe online and what we thought the biggest worries or dangers were. We used Google's Internet Legends to do solve online safety scenario problems. 
Year 5 look at the work of Scientist Carl Linnaeus this week. He is know as 'The Father of Classification'. We observed and then accurately drew in the life cycles of different amphibians and insects- just like Linnaeus!
Year 5 had a great start to our paint topic. We mixed our own secondary and tertiary colours and focused on painting accurately in the lines.
Year 5 loved their first Cheff Programme session this week! They were very excited to show those at home their new cooking knowledge and skills.
Year 5 had a great time planning and investigating which items were soluble or not. We had to accurately measure liquids and different items accurately and observe our results, recording them in a table. 

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