Spring 2023

Morse Code
As part of our Titanic topic, we've been using our own Telegraph Key to send and decode messages!
Learning about exercise
In Science, Year 2 have been learning about the benefits of exercise and have been investigating which exercises cause our heart rate to increase. 
Titanic Art
Year 2 experimented with different grades of art pencil and different drawing techniques, including cross-hatching, stippling and scumbling.
We then examined a photograph of the Titanic leaving Cobh and discussed how we might use the different grades of pencil and drawing techniques to recreate it. We've produced some wonderful artwork!
We've been doing circuits in P.E. We love working up a sweat!
Team Games
This week we have been playing team games in P.E. We have focused on our communication and team-work skills and most importantly, we had a load of FUN!
Oil Pastels
We loved creating artwork inspired by Kandinsky using oil pastels.
We've been investigating what plants need to grow. We've all planted a sunflower seed, some will be without light, soil and water. We'll be keeping a diary as we watch them grow - or not!
NSPCC - PANTS session
Kim the school nurse has been in today to deliver the PANTS session, aimed at keeping children safe.
Children's Mental Health Week
We've been doing loads of activities to promote our Mental Health this week, all on the theme 'connections'.
Reward Afternoon
Here's some pictures of our Full Cube Jar reward afternoon, where the children brought in their own toys.
Measuring Mass
We've been learning to use scales to measure the mass of objects in g/kg.
Liturgical Prayer
Here's some pictures of our latest liturgical prayer, which we did in the chapel.

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