Spring 2023

Wow! What a busy week in Year 1! We have continued to practice colour mixing to create different shades of pink for our Chinese blossom pictures! We have been finding out about plants and learned that sometimes we can eat the roots. We used the root of a plant to print with - it was a carrot!
We also had a brilliant visit from Deacon John who told us all about his role in church.
It's been tricky learning how to tell the time, but we've worked really hard on improving our maths skills. Well done, everyone!
This week we have been all about Chinese New Year! We listened to the story and discussed the significant parts of a typical Chinese New Year's celebration. We also used our knowledge of materials to create fantastic shadow puppet theatres!
In art, we have been investigating colour mixing and discovering that there are 3 primary coloyurs.
We also had lots of fun investigating weight and ordering objects based on their weight. Fantastic!
We've had lots of fun measuring length using different units. We used small cubes to measure small objects and big long metre sticks to measure parts of the yard!
We've also been investigating the different materials we will need to make a shadow puppet theatre. We found out that materials can be transparent, translucent or opaque.
What a busy week we've had! this week we have started our topic all about 'China'. We've been acting out the story of Mulan and completing lots of exciting activities. We've also begun our topic on measurement, starting with money.
We thought about the fact that Mulan had to pretend to be a boy so that she could join the army. We discussed the expectations for girls and boys and sorted toys into different categories depending on who we thought we could play with them. After looking at a range of photos showing men and women doing the same jobs, we had a rethink and discovered that everybody can choose any of the toys. There are no such things as toys for girls and toys for girls.

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