Spring 2022

Congratulations to all of the Children who made their First Confession today, and to those that supported them in our class preparations.
This week in Art, we were developing our knowledge of shape and how we can use objects and our pencils to create interesting figures and shapes. After sketching our own Greek pots, using only 2D shapes, we took our learning outdoors. We gathered materials to create the shape of a Greek pot. 
In Art we have looked at Greek Pottery and it's design. Today we experimented with different sketching techniques to create our own observational drawings of replica Greek Pottery. Some techniques where easier than others!
Today we were delivered some Ancient Greek Artifacts, primary sources for use to investigate. We to use our inference and deduction skills to explore What?, Why?, Where? and How? these objects were used. It was a fantastic way to start our Ancient Greek History topic. 
In PE we have been practising our passing skills. We explored why each pass may be used and had to choose the best pass for different situations.
In Science, we used classification keys to identify different species of Invertebrates in our school grounds. 
After planning our own liturgies in groups, Ravenclaw table where chosen to lead this end of topic Liturgy. They chose to share and discuss the advice given in St Paul's Letter to the Romans. We felt it gave us great ways to help live in a peaceful community. 

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