Spring 2022

It's been great fun developing our PE skills this week! We've also been giving each other instructions to follow directions using the words 'forwards', 'backwards', 'left' and 'right'. We found our way around different parts of the fairy tale map. 
This we celebrated the feast of St Cuthbert. We found all about his life on Holy Island and enjoyed games and sweets to celebrate! We also learned about the events during Palm Sunday and acted out the story. Fantastic!
This week we have been focusing on STEM activities, thinking about how to help the stranded sailor we found out about last week! We recapped on our floating and sinking knowledge and then designed and labelled fantastic boats. The criteria we needed to consider was that the boat must float, protect the sailor from extreme heat and storms and carry the weight of his supplies. We spent the morning making our boats and then tested them in the afternoon. It was interesting to evaluate our work to explain how we could improve it next time! Well done, Year 1!
We also learned how to classify mammals, amphibians and reptiles so that the marooned sailor could make a book about the animals he found on his island. We made representations of his island using a key and the information he shared with us.
This week we have been reading different versions of 'Rumpelstiltskin' and discussing which one is our favourite, based on the characters, events and settings. We also showed great resilience by reading instructions in our groups and following them to make a spinning wheel! We had no adult help at all but instead we worked together and discussed how to problem solve throughout the task. Fantastic!
We received an exciting letter from a survivor who had been marooned on a desert island! We acted out the events which led him to be stranded and discussed what we would do first if that happened to us.
It's been a great start to the new half term and our new topic of 'Traditional Tales'. We started by looking for features of fiction and non-fiction texts, using our detective skills to find examples. We also made some amazing props for our role play area and acted out the story of 'Rumpelstiltskin'. 
Our new maths topic is fractions so we have been finding half of shapes and amounts, recording our answers in our brand new maths books! Fantastic, Year 1!
To finish our science topic about plants, we learned all about different types of trees. We found out that some trees are deciduous and lose their leaves every year in Autumn. Some trees are evergreen and stay green all year round! We looked at examples of beautiful Chinese blossom pictures and used a root (a carrot!) to paint the blossoms. We mixed red and white to create pink. The results were fantastic!
We looked at the 'Eatwell Guide' and discussed healthy food. All of the things which grow (fruits and vegetables) are healthy for us to eat! We made some Chinese style wraps using carrots, spring onions and peppers and dipped them into oyster sauce and soy sauce. it was really good fun!
It's been a very busy week in Year 1! This week we thought about how fantastic our bodies are and all of the amazing jobs we can do because of our brilliant bodies. We also discussed that we can't choose how we look so we should never say unkind things about a person because of how they look. 
We also thought about toys this week. We sorted some toys into 'toys for girls', 'toys for boys' and 'toys for both'. To begin with, there were hardly toys in the 'toys for both' section. We looked at examples of different jobs and discussed whether these jobs would be better for men or women to do. We found out that anybody can do any job! It doesn't matter whether you are male or female. We talked about how the toys we play with sometimes influence the things we would like to do when we are older, so we decided to sort the toys again. This time, there were lots of toys in the 'both' section but all of the pink toys were still in the 'girls' section. Through discussion, we found out that whilst everyone agrees that girls can play with 'boys' toys, most people don't think that boys can play with 'girls' toys. Mrs Haighton asked why this was - is there a rule? We shared our ideas and eventually decided that it was ok to choose any toys to play with, no matter whether you are a boy or a girl. 
Year 1 have been busy investigating capacity this week, and developing our vocabulary related to measuring. We predicted which container would hold the most and which would hold the least and then tested our predictions outside. We also measured exactly how many little tubes of water we needed to fill each one after estimating first. Fantastic work! 
Year 1 have really enjoyed starting our new RE topic, 'Special Meals'. We acted out the events of the Last Supper together and talked about the words Jesus said to his friends. We also enjoyed learning all about the different functions of parts of a plant and learned the name of different garden and wild flowers.
It was so exciting testing out our shadow puppet theatres! We worked together with the torches and listened to traditional Chinese music while we played with our puppets. We have also been learning about time this week. In the story of Chinese New Year, the Jade Emperor wanted a way to measure time. We have learned about seconds, minutes, hours, days, seasons and years this week as well as learning how to tell the time to the hour and half past. It's been a busy week!
This week we have been learning all about measuring length and continuing our topic on materials. We practiced comparing the length of different objects to a ruler and using the right language to describe what we found. We also investigated opaque materials and created amazing shadow pictures!
It's been a really busy first week back in Year 1! We have started our 'China' topic and begun our new maths focus of Money. It's been great exploring the role play area and reading and writing lots of facts about China!

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