Footsteps in Faith

The members of 'Footsteps in Faith' have been meditating over the words of St Paul to the Corinthians, in which he told them that the church is just like a body. It needs lots of different parts to work properly, just like a real body. We thought about the different gifts and skills we all bring to our community and celebrated the fact that we are so different but each have an important and unique role to play. 
The Chaplains and other members of 'Footsteps in Faith' have been considering how it feels to wait, in the expectation of something fantastic happening. We took part in a guided meditation based around the thoughts and feelings of Jesus' mother, Mary as she prepared for the birth of her child. We created an Advent chain to explain how we will prepare for this special time through prayer.
We have been contemplating compassion during Advent, remembering that when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, they were refugees in an unknown place. They relied on the compassion of others to look after them. We thought the judgements we make when we look at a person and asked God to help us to show compassion to others and took part in a prayerful litany.
Footsteps in Faith has some new members from Year 3 and 4! This week we focused on new starts and resolutions to do better. We worked together to think of ways that we can become closer to God in 2023 then shared them using a litany. We each said what we needed God to help us to achieve, then we all joined in with the response, 'With God's help, you can.'
Our Chaplains have planned themes for each week and are working hard on developing tasks to help us to develop our faith together. 
The Chaplains led the whole school in a very moving liturgy, teaching us all about the Stations of the Cross. They explained how we can put our faith into action.

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