Autumn 2022

An explorer left a letter in our classroom! We followed the clues and found all of the things they needed for their expedition. We wrote a list of all of the things we found!
We've also been investigating our super senses! We played a game outside, seeing how far away we were before we couldn't see the different sized dots. We also tested our ears, finding out how far away we could be before we couldn't hear the bells. We looked at our tongues to find the taste buds and tried different flavours -- sweet, salty, bitter and sour. There were a lot of very funny faces! 
We read information about animals who have super senses and we founds out how they are different to humans.
We also enjoyed a mindful story in the forest school, using our senses to ground ourselves before listening to the story.
This week we have been finding out all about place value and using lots of props and resources to count in 10s and 5s. We have also been doing lots of work on labels, lists and captions. We labelled lots of things in our classroom so that Mowgli could understand what they were, then sorted different examples of labels, lists and captions. We have been writing our own labels for our classroom too!
This week, we have loved acting out the story of the Jungle Book and using the resources in our role play area! We've also completed lots of reading activities to help us to understand the story. 
In maths we've been counting all of the way to 100 using the number square and learning how to count in 10s so that we can count large amounts. We played 'Duck, Duck, Goose' with multiples of 10!
In science, we have started thinking about our bodies and comparing animals and humans, just like the animals compared themselves to Mowgli! What a busy week!
What a fabulous first week in Year 1! We have been so busy getting used to our new classroom and doing lots of Jungle themed activities!

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