Autumn 2022

What an amazing end to a wonderful first term in Year 1! We celebrated our full cube with a crafty Christmas day and watched a brilliant pantomime! We also had a very special visitor indeed...! Merry Christmas, everyone and thank you for all of your support this year.
We had so much fun performing in our Nativity with Year 2! We have learned the Christmas story and written our own recounts. We've also been continued our multiplication and division topic with some Christmas themed problem solving! We can't wait for our Christmas crafts full cube jar day next week..!
This week in science, we have been classifying animals based on what kinds of things they eat. We looked at teeth of omnivores, herbivores and carnivores and created our own moving carnivore jaws! Fantastic!
We've also been comparing our own lives with those of Inuit people who live in the Arctic, and continuing our practical maths by investigating division!
We have been continuing our work on multiplication this week, making arrays and drawing pictures to answer multiplication questions. We've also had a very arty week, creating Christmas cards and ice bauble decorations in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Next week we are going to write our own instructions to explain how to make them, so we've been sorting out bossy words to use at the start of each instruction! 
This week we have been finding out about multiplication and discovering that multiplication is like adding the same amount lots of times. We practiced identifying how many groups of objects we could see and how many items were in each group then made our own groups using the cubes.
We have been finding out all about the Polar explorer, Captain Robert Falcon Scott who made it all of the way to the Antarctic during a dangerous and difficult expedition. We designed, made an evaluated waterproof and wind proof shelters which would protect a Polar explorer.
This week we have been learning all about the Polar regions and comparing the weather between Arctic areas and Newcastle. We have loved acting out the story of 'Lost and Found' and completing lots of reading and writing activities about the story. 
We've also been finding out about different materials and using our scientific skills to test whether they are waterproof or absorbent. Fantastic!
This week we have been learning all about the life of Mary Seacole, a lady from Jamaica who was told that she couldn't help soldiers because of the colour of her skin. We learned that this is called 'racism'. We discovered that we can only find out if a person is kind by talking to them.
We also enjoyed a brilliant visit from the 'Brush Up' team who taught us how to care for our teeth!
Year 1 had a brilliant time dressing up in spooky costumes and dancing at the disco! We've also been busy counting using the number line and discovering that additions can be done in any order!
We had a very exciting day in Year 1 when we found a message from Kaa the snake! We followed her clues until we found the magical jungle treasure!
We also enjoyed a well deserved full cube jar day, voting for a teddy bears' picnic! The teddies joined in with maths, listened to a story, wore amazing home made party hats and ate delicious food. They'll need a rest tomorrow!
This week we have been investigating 2 digit numbers. We've played lots of Bingo games and made fantastic representations of the numbers! We've also been spotting them on the number square and working out what each digit in the number means. 
We've also been fantastic scientists, classifying animals and learning about mammals, reptiles and amphibians.
We loved designing our moving monkey sliders too! What a busy week it's been!
An explorer left a letter in our classroom! We followed the clues and found all of the things they needed for their expedition. We wrote a list of all of the things we found!
We've also been investigating our super senses! We played a game outside, seeing how far away we were before we couldn't see the different sized dots. We also tested our ears, finding out how far away we could be before we couldn't hear the bells. We looked at our tongues to find the taste buds and tried different flavours -- sweet, salty, bitter and sour. There were a lot of very funny faces! 
We read information about animals who have super senses and we founds out how they are different to humans.
We also enjoyed a mindful story in the forest school, using our senses to ground ourselves before listening to the story.
This week we have been finding out all about place value and using lots of props and resources to count in 10s and 5s. We have also been doing lots of work on labels, lists and captions. We labelled lots of things in our classroom so that Mowgli could understand what they were, then sorted different examples of labels, lists and captions. We have been writing our own labels for our classroom too!
This week, we have loved acting out the story of the Jungle Book and using the resources in our role play area! We've also completed lots of reading activities to help us to understand the story. 
In maths we've been counting all of the way to 100 using the number square and learning how to count in 10s so that we can count large amounts. We played 'Duck, Duck, Goose' with multiples of 10!
In science, we have started thinking about our bodies and comparing animals and humans, just like the animals compared themselves to Mowgli! What a busy week!
What a fabulous first week in Year 1! We have been so busy getting used to our new classroom and doing lots of Jungle themed activities!

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