Autumn 2022

Year 4 had a super time dressing up and watching the performance of The Jungle Book. We have been inspired by Rudyard Kipling's famous story and hope to complete our English tasks linked to this. 
Our Year 4 friends were working hard independently and in small groups on a variety of place value problems. Well done!
Year 4 enjoyed a science experiment linked to boiling and melting points. We boiled a kettle to see if, after boiling, any water was lost to evaporation. The pictures show our findings. The children were keen to see if their predictions were correct. 
Art - We focused on line drawing, shading, tone and sketching into a final drawing. The children used Black History Month to inspire their drawings of a female. We used templates, decided on a light source and direction and tried to shade appropriately. These line drawings were kept in black and white. We progressed to cross-hatch shading and added colour. The results were amazing with several on display in school.
Well done to Y4 on completing their Level 1 bikeability. 
Y4 completed some outstanding work in our performance poetry module inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah. The children acted, used their voices and rehearsed Nature Trail. We then looked at a poem about refugees. The discussion after this was mature, thoughtful and informative. The children wanted to write their own poems about refugees. The results were amazing!
Y4 are taking part in a scheme from Newcastle City Council linked to social, emotional, mental health (SEMH) intervention through art. The children discuss a range of emotions through famous pieces of artwork. Then they have the freedom to pick a art resource and produce a piece of artwork linked to their feelings. This project will run for 3 weeks before Christmas and 3 weeks after Christmas.  
Year 4 enjoyed a history lesson about our current theme, Ancient Greece. We looked at pottery. As historians, we tried to decipher what the pots were used for and the images they portrayed. 
This week, Y4 made some more delicious delights in CHEFF...they look amazing and we are learning some valuable life skills. 
In PE, we played bench ball and had a mini tournament, like the World Cup! We loved it and there was some super teamwork!
In science, we conducted a water cycle experiment. Unfortunately, the weather worked against use due to the rain.
Y4 have been planning and writing a gruesome description of the Minotaur from the myth surrounding Theseus and the Minotaur. We have had some terrific vocabulary and several examples of figurative language features.
Y4 enjoyed a super boxercise inspired fitness session. They loved working the pads. Well done, friends
As it is so cold outside, CHEFF decided that we should make chilli! Chilli con carne to be precise. The children in Y4 are showing some fabulous culinary talents! Well done, all. 
Y4 enjoyed an active Maths session this week. It was based on multiplication and division. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing Whiteboard Wizards and Active Animal Maths Relay. We worked independently and in groups on abstract, reasoning and fluency problems. Well done, Y4.

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