Autumn 2021

Year 4 where very excited this week when a mysterious chest was delivered to give us clues about our new class novel. We made some predictions about the curious items in the chest and what we thought the book may be about. 
We all enjoyed Celebrating St Cuthbert's Pirate day this week. 
In  Maths this week we have begun discovering negative integers. We explored what happens when we count below 0 and where we may need to use negative numbers, for temperatures for example. 
Our DT topic this half term is Cookery. We are working with CHEF program this half term to learn all about different food groups, practicing our safe cutting skills and learning how to cook and prepare tasty snacks and meals
In RE this week, we have been retelling the story of Jacob and his Sons in our groups. We freeze framed important parts of the story to describe the actions of and gave the reasons we thought different people had chosen to act that way. 
In year 4 we kicked off our addition and subtraction topic by looking at mental strategies that can help us. Alongside this we used our place value knowledge when adding 10, 100 and 1000 to any given number. 
Year 4 have conducted their own science experiment to find out which liquids would rot our teeth.
To do this we used an egg, which has similar properties to our own teeth. We looked at different liquids and observed their effect on each egg across 7 days. We can't wait to draw conclusions from our experiment!
Year 4 have been learning about Data collection in Computing this half term. We have collected data on our own class and presented it in a digital bar chart using J2e Data.
We love taking part in CHEF cooking each week in our DT sessions.

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