Autumn 2021

Now Press Play
25th November 2021
The children LOVED their Now Press Play experience this morning - the session focused on climate change which linked perfectly with our geography topic on world climates.
Week beginning 15th November 2021
Year 5 have really enjoyed taking part in a range of drama activities linked to our class story - they are really looking forward to writing their own ending to the story next week!
5th November 2021
Year 5 have had a great first week back! They had a little adventure moving classrooms for a day while the classroom had a new carpet fitted (it looks very smart)! They have also spent some time during Active Life practising their non-verbal communication skills by playing, 'Fish and Fishermen'.
Last Week of Half Term
Year 5 have had a fabulous final week of the half term! They've enjoyed singing and dancing in geography, dressing up in their spooky outfits and a full cube jar treat! It's been a busy, fun-filled week!
8th October 2021
Year 5 have worked so hard over the last couple of weeks on a geography and D&T project linked to our class novel, Treasure Island. They designed and made their very own island using a 3D contour map, modroc and paint. It was a long, messy but extremely fun project!
24th September 2021
Year 5 have had another great week finished off with fabulous Friday activities! Today they've practised their French numbers and phrases, played exciting games like 'Cat and Mouse' and 'Tank Busters' with Miss Thompson and enjoyed a competitive game of kwik cricket with Mrs McMaster!
17th September 2021
Year 5 have had a fabulous week this week. They've worked hard in all lessons (especially maths) and they thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as pirates yesterday to watch the production of Treasure Island.
First Week in Year 5

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