Autumn 2021

What a start to the year! All of the children have settled so well into their new class. Our topic is TREASURE ISLAND and the children have loved getting to know this story and understanding the main characters.
We rejoiced and renewed our topic about 'Beginnings' in our school chapel. We shared all of our new beginnings in our lives and how God began our world. Some of us read our retell stories about the Bible story of Creation and then we decided which parts of our world that He created we loved the most. Together we sang and offered our prayers to God and renewed our agreement to treasure and look after our planet as we are stewards. 
In Year 2, we have loved getting to know Zippy the stick insect and how he can help us to understand our feelings and emotions. We have also enjoyed FUNS with Mrs Gregson to help our bodies keep fit, healthy and strong for our later life. 
We have enjoyed spending time in our KS1 library together. We can explore a range of books large and small, draw pictures and write stories from our imagination, go on the computers to draw pictures or read stories as well as relax, read and enjoy exploring far away places. 
Year 2 have loved working with Miss Thompson to learn about how we can look after our school and our planet. Together, we can all be eco-warriers! Our class are going to vote for two children who will represent our class in looking after our school, recycling paper and growing plants and vegetables to help our environment. 
We also explored different ways to stop bullying. We walked down conscience alley to understand different feelings and emotions as well as role play to help us understand what we can do if we see someone being mean and unkind to someone else. 
Our new topic is Great Fire of London. We have been exploring what happened during 1666 and why Samuel Pepys was famous in history. Some of us were able to act out the story and use our knowledge to sequence the events in order. 

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